City Councilor Micki Varney for
Salem City Council Ward 8

Strong Voice. Smart Solutions

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A Message from Micki

The city is currently in the process of approving several key planning documents including the Salem Comprehensive Plan, the Carbon Action Plan, and others. It is the first major update to Salem’s documents in almost 20 years, and so the decisions we make now will change how Salem looks and functions for generations to come.

What we have now is an opportunity to decide what we want the West Salem of the future to look like. Do we want unchecked growth, dozens of lifeless apartment complexes and thousands more cars clogging our streets? Or do we want a vibrant, livable community full of affordable housing, local services, and a strong community network? I fell in love with West Salem because it reminded me of the small towns that I grew up in. Over my years of volunteering with the Neighborhood Association I’ve seen how we have come together in times of need, and how we are poised to become the envy of the Willamette Valley if we make the right choices.

West Salem needs a strong voice that can advocate for our needs on the City Council and make sure that we aren’t left behind. We need someone who knows our issues, and is willing to fight for them. We need someone who understands how to work with our community, and our city government to achieve our goals. I have years of experience doing just that, and if you allow me the privilege of continuing to serve as your City Councilor I will use all of my efforts to make West Salem a greener, more prosperous, and more beautiful place to live. 

As such, I ask for your vote on May 17th. 

Together we will shape Salem’s future.



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